Abdominal Isolator Crunch – Action Moving

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The Item is CE homologated and comply with the following regulations of the field:

  • UNI EN 957-I General requirements of fixed training equipment
  • UNI EN 957-2 Resistance training machines
  • UNI EN 957-4 Resistance training benches
  • Machines, noise, workplace safety directives



Sit on the seat push your back well to the pad.
Bring down the roller pad in front your sternum and adjust it with the special Yes  selector pin to avoid a forward movement of the shoulders.
Put your feet on the platform and block them under the foot pad.
Exhale while pushing against the back pad and bending the lower back with a contraction of the rectus abdominis muscles.
Inhale while returning to the starting position in a slow and controlled manner.

IMPORTANT: During the whole exercise, the shoulders shall be kept on the pad and shall only move downwards.