Oats & Protein Flapjack

A healthy fusion of hearty rolled, jumbo & toasted oats and whey protein makes for a wholesome and delicious flapjack rich in fibre, protein and Low-GI Carbohydrates to keep you powered after a hard workout!

We home-bake our Flapjacks using the heartiest (and we mean heartiest!) golden oats, deliciously chunky knobules of chocolate and 10g of protein for a natural and wholesome taste and texture that will quell any snack-hankering.

Key-Ingredients For Deliciousness

  • Home Baked – While other protein flapjacks are artificially produced resulting in a dense, chewy texture far removed a real flapjack, the Oatein Flapjack is home-baked with real oats. This gives our flapjack a firm and wholesome texture (and taste!) for a deliciously natural treat.
  • Low-GI Complex Carbs – Oats are a bit of a wonder-food if we say so ourselves. As complex carbohydrates, they gradually release energy throughout the day for consistent energy. Importantly they do this without spiking your blood sugar levels which can cause carbohydrates to be converted into fat!
  • Rich Source of Fibre – Did we say Oats were wonder-food? I think we did. They’re also a rich source of fibre! Fibre plays a pivotal role in maintaining your gut health and helps to keep you feeling full.
  • 10g of Protein – The Oats & Protein Flapjack is packed with 10g of protein. Not only is protein the most important resource for efficient muscle recovery but it also keeps you feeling fuller for longer!
  • Low in Artificial Sweeteners – Many high protein products are loaded with artificial sweeteners to make up for the low sugar content – These sweeteners can lead to upset stomachs. We think we’ve found the ideal balance with our Oats & Protein Flapjack for a natural taste free from discomfort.
  • Halal Protein – Certified
  • 3 Delicious Flavours – Our flapjacks come in 3 flavours, each loaded with delicious chunks of dark or white chocolate
    • Cherry Bakewell

    • Chocolate Chip

    • Cookies & Cream

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